Terms of Use

Terms and conditions of Booking for Customers with Cliff’s Coaches (CC), The Customer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to accept the Terms and Conditions as detailed below:

In the following terms and conditions, ‘the Company’ refers to Cliff’s Coaches, its subsidiaries, brands or identities under which the company may trade, ‘the customer’ and/or ‘the hirer’ refers to the person and/or organisation making the booking or to the person and/or organisation taking Quote via online, phone or email and ‘the driver’ refers to the driver or drivers of the coach/minibus, the operator refer to Coach/minibus Operators or supplier of the vehicle.

  1. Term of Cliff’s Coaches

Cliff’s Coaches (CC) is acting as a Broker for Hirer, and does not own any Coaches/minibus but uses Coach of other Affiliate Partners to Provide Services. The Term of the Company are that ‘Avant Transport’ will provide the driver/drivers and Coach/Minibus based on the suitable requirement made by the Customer and will make sure there is sufficient seating capacity as ordered. The hirer shall at all times remain solely responsible for the acts and/or omissions of the passengers permitted to travel by hirer (whether directly or indirectly) and therefore any additional costs incurred by the Company during the performance of the contract shall be borne by the hirer irrespective of whether the hirer travels. No price discounts are to be given if driver choose to drive on another route or it takes longer to travel. Stops made by drivers are necessary if he is feeling tired or is running out of his legal requirements of Driving Hours or Rest for Drivers. All hirers are required to understand that this is for their own safety and safe travelling. Cliff’s Coaches cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of delay caused by circumstance or events which are beyond control. Cliff’s Coaches takes no responsibility in the event of loss or damage or injury or Death.

  1. Insurance

All Hirers and individual passengers are recommended to obtain personal insurance for those items, where save for the negligence, the Company’s take no liability for such as delay or luggage lost or stolen or Injury caused.

  1. Hirer Responsibilities

The Hirer or the customer travelling must be and remain properly behaved at all times. The Driver may refuse to allow a passenger to board the Vehicle or eject them from the Vehicle if, in his sole discretion, he considers them unfit to travel for whatever reason (for example, being intoxicated or abusive). The Driver may refuse to continue a journey if in his sole discretion he considers any passenger to be behaving in such a way as may put the safety of other persons and/or the contents of the Vehicle and/or the Vehicle itself at risk. Drinking on the coach is always at the driver’s discretion, but must be made clear while taking the quote.

3.1 Passenger Conduct

In the interest of other passengers, no musical instruments, radios and/or other audio devices shall be played without the company’s permission. Such permission shall be shown on the confirmation, where agreed.

It is strictly forbidden for any person to carry or consume drugs of any description except where such drugs are legally available over the counter without prescription or are prescribed by a doctor. You may be required to produce medical evidence especially when leaving or entering countries.

  1. Unaccompanied Children

The Company cannot accept any responsibility for the supervision of Passengers under the age 16 travelling unaccompanied, although Couriers will endeavour to ensure their wellbeing. It is recommended that they carry identification and the name, address and telephone number of their parent and any person who may be meeting them. It is the responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian to ensure that the child is seen onto the coach and is met at his/her destination and the Company cannot accept responsibility for failure to do so. It is not recommended that children under the age of 12 years travel alone.

4.2  Car Seats

The Company or its affiliates are not responsible for providing or fitting of car seats for children. The customer must make sure that babies do not sit on laps and must have their own seat.

  1. Damage to Vehicles

The hirer is responsible for any damage or soiling caused to the vehicle by any passenger for the duration of the hire.  A minimum of £100 will be made if the vehicle is damaged or soiled.  This surcharge is payable to the Cliff’s Coaches (CC) upon demand.  If the extent of the damage or soiling is such that the vehicle is out of service for any period of time the operator may in its absolute discretion surcharge the hirer a minimum of £500 per day or part of a day for which the vehicle is out of service.  Any such surcharge is payable upon demand.We maintain a strict standard of cleanliness in relation to our affiliate Coaches. The Customer shall be responsible and liable for any soiling or damage to the outside or the interior of the Vehicle by the Customer’s Party howsoever caused. Should the Vehicle require specialist or non-routine cleaning before its next trip as a result of any conduct on the part of the Customer’s Party, (in particular for the removal of vomit and disinfecting of affected areas) then, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, Avant Transport shall be entitled to recharge the cost of such cleaning to the Customer. The Customer shall be fully responsible for all the acts and omissions of the Customer’s Party and acknowledges on behalf of the Customer’s Party the responsibility of passengers for their conduct under the Conduct Regulations at all times.

5.1   Posters etc

No bill poster, banner, flag, notice or similar items are to be displayed on any vehicle without the consent of the operator/affiliate in writing.

5.2 Delays to Service/ Route or Time Variations

We reserve the right to make an additional charge for any additional mileage or time incurred over and above that agreed in the hire. Any additional charges will be commensurate with the costs incurred by us.

The vehicle will depart at keeping good time but Avant Transport has no control over departing of particular Vehicles. It is your responsibility to account for all passengers at these times. We will not accept any responsibility for any losses incurred by passengers who fail to follow your instructions.

The hours agreed for your coach hire booking must be observed (other than in the case of serious emergency or diversion) so that current regulations governing driver’s hours and rest periods may be complied with. Under no circumstances will we allow your coach hire to exceed these regulated hours. Avant Transport provided in these Terms and Conditions, no responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by Avant Transport during traffic congestion, road accidents, adverse weather conditions or other matters outside it’s reasonable control which may cause delay. Both parties expressly recognise in transport such as coach hire that coaches can be late as a normal cause of business without negligence on behalf of the coach hire company (typically due to previous customer delays, traffic, accidents and mechanical problems).

5.3 Second Driver

Second driver charges can be required when the driver exceeds 9 driving hours per day, 15 hours on shift per day (whether driving or not), excessive hours worked in any period of days, a single driver being asked to work more than 6 days in succession and if the driver ends his working day (e.g. 4am ) so late that it is not practical/possible for him to legally work the next day.

  1. Prohibited contents:

Prohibited luggage: Our affiliates are not obliged to carry any of the following items of luggage, and you may not bring them onto any coach without our written permission: any weapons, explosives, drugs or solvents (other than medicines), live or dead animals, fish or insects, non folding pushchairs/prams, sports equipment that cannot easily be stowed, any items which are in our opinion, unsafe, or may cause injury or damage to property, or which are considered by us to be unsuitable for carriage by reason of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable, or items with sharp or protruding edges, or any item over 20kg in weight or any item which cannot be folded down or packaged.

  1. Packing and identification of luggage:

You must pack your entire luggage safely and securely, and lock and fasten it, with a view to protecting your luggage from loss, damage or interference, and to protecting any other property on a coach from being damaged by your luggage. All luggages which are given into our custody should be clearly and appropriately labelled and include a contact telephone number where possible. We will not be obliged to carry any luggage which has not been properly packed or labelled. We reserve the right to involve the Police if we feel that there are any securities or safety issues.

  1. Inspection of luggage:

Coach Affiliates are entitled to inspect your entire luggage, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the above requirements. We shall not be obliged to carry you or your luggage, and shall be entitled to remove you from any coach, if you refuse to submit to a search, and no refund is payable. You will lose all your money paid.

  1. Storage of luggage:

All luggage’s, other than hand luggage, will be stored in any hold or other storage compartment on the coach and not in the passenger compartment of the coach with earlier written permission

9.1 Getting The Luggage Onto A Service:

Drivers will not load and unload luggage, except as described in point 6 but it is your responsibility to see your luggage put on and taken off a coach. Except for any luggage stored in the hold of a coach, you must also look after your luggage at all times and your hand luggage whilst on a coach.

9.2 Small Valuables and Important Items:

Small valuable items should not be stowed in the luggage hold under any circumstances but should be taken on board a coach as hand luggage. Small valuable items includes money, medication, jewellery, precious metals, laptop computers, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports, visas, tickets and identification documents. Small valuable items may be placed in the overhead racks or under your seat, but should not be left unattended by you. Where possible, small valuable items should be carried on your person.

Whilst we will take all reasonable care with passengers’ luggage and other items which they may bring on our coach, we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to these items whilst on the vehicle. Under no circumstances should any valuables be left on a coach, even if locked. Personal belongings are not insured against theft on any of our coaches.

Personal insurance of luggage and valuables is strongly recommended. Any passengers’ property discovered on the vehicle after the hire will be stored, and may be claimed in accordance with the current Lost Property Regulations.

  1. Quotations

Quotations are given on the basis of the most direct route and on information provided by the hirer. The route used will be at the discretion of the company unless it has been particularly specified by the hirer in which case it will be clearly shown on the confirmation.

All quotations are valid for 7 days (providing the date of travel is more than 14 days ahead) unless agreed in writing at time of booking and are given subject to the Company having an appropriate vehicle available at the time the hirer accepts the quotation,

After such period the Company may at its absolute discretion to vary the price, in which event a new quotation will be provided to the customer, and previous quotations will be deemed null and void.

Any additional charges will be separately identified and will be the hirer’s responsibility unless otherwise specified.

  1. Payment

A non refundable deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking and a full pre-payment is required 28 days before the beginning of the hire, unless the hirer is on credit terms with Cliff’s Coaches. Please note that the hire is not confirmed if full prepayment is not received as stated above.The price for services included will be set out on the invoice and booking confirmation. Any additional charges that may be incurred on the day of travel will be directly payable to the operator by the customer, however the company reserves the right to collect the monies due from the original credit/debit card used by or for the hirer at any time. All charges quoted to the Customer shall be exclusive of VAT which Avant Transport shall add to its charges at the appropriate rate. Currently coach hire is zero rated for VAT.

In the event that the deposit is not paid on time or balance is not paid by the due date (normally 28 days before travel unless expressly agreed in writing). If payment has not been received within the above timescales then the Company can no longer guarantee the quoted price and may be required to revise its quotation. If any outstanding monies are due, the company reserves the right to collect the monies due from the original credit/debit card used by or for the hirer at any time. The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking and any monies paid will be forfeited and the full balance will be due.

Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card, Bankers transfer Etc. All monies must be paid in full prior to the performance of the booking unless expressly agreed by the Company in writing.

  1. Amendments

To your booking are permitted no later than 7 days prior to hire unless authorised by an agent. We take no responsibility for amendments made unless issued with a new booking confirmation. Please note that in some instances, a major change (such as dates, times and changes by you to the vehicle hired) will be classed as a cancellation and will apply accordingly. An Amendment Fee is charged for any amendment made to your booking. An amendment fee will be in charged addition to any amendment costs resulting in an increase or decrease of the cost of hire. Should we be unable to proceed with an amendment, and you wish to cancel your booking, our standard cancellation policy will apply, in line with your original booking.

  1. Invoices

Where the company has agreed a credit arrangement or account facility with the customer, invoices will be issued in accordance with the agreed arrangements and may include additional charges for credit and payment charges. All invoices are to be paid within seven days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Any queries relating to Company invoices must be raised in writing by the Customer within 7 days from the date of the invoice. If no query is raised by the Customer within this period it will be deemed as having been accepted in full. All overdue accounts will be subject to interest at 5% above the prevailing Bank of England base rate and accrued monthly.

  1. Cancellation Policy

If a booking is cancelled in writing by the Customer with more than 7 working days left before the date of travel, other than the initial deposit paid by the Customer, the Customer will have no further costs to pay.

If a booking is cancelled by the Customer with less than 7 working days’ notice, payment in full will be due to Cliff’s Coaches from the Customer.

Deposits are not refundable on bookings cancelled by the Customer. We are however prepared to roll over deposits onto alternative trips at the time of cancellation.

No cash refunds. Any refund due will be issued as a credit note.

  1. Additional Charges

Depending on the nature of the booking amendment, additional charges may be required. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the Booking Confirmation, once received, for its accuracy and completeness, any discrepancies found in the Booking Confirmation should be communicated to the Company as a matter of urgency. If a Customer requires to amend a Booking, the amendment will only be considered as implemented when the Customer has it confirmed in writing and the Company has acknowledged said amendment with a new Booking Confirmation. If an updated Booking Confirmation has not been received by the Customer with the updated details the Customer will be subject to the terms of the original Booking Confirmation.  No amendment can be agreed with the driver and the driver does not have the authority to bind the Company in any manner whatsoever.

The Company reserve the right to charge waiting time for airport collections.  Our normal guidelines are that 1 hour is permitted from the time of landing to either boarding the Coach or to have made themselves known to the awaiting driver.

Unless, it has been otherwise agreed, the hire price will not include any group catering, tickets, admission charges, ferries/tunnels, road tolls or parking. At your request we may make these types of arrangements for you, but we would do so as your agent. This means that any terms and conditions applicable to that transaction by that supplier (e.g. relating to payment, cancellation, etc.) would be as binding on you as if you had made these arrangements yourself. We will seek your acceptance of any such terms and conditions and not expend any money on your behalf until you have made similar payment to us.

Cliff’s Coaches reserves the right to charge the customer for driver’s accommodation at the time of the booking should the length of a trip go beyond 12 hours. It is at the sole discretion of Avant Transport to apply the costs of the accommodation, whether or not the driver utilises the accommodation, or if for operational purposes the driver is required to drive back to the coach depot and return the following day to collect the passengers. Cliff’s Coaches will not be held liable for any request for a reimbursement from the customer in the event the accommodation is not used.

For longer trips in terms of hours/mileage Cliff’s Coaches needs to comply with all regulations with regards to driver’s hours. The booking quote that you will have received (unless agreed in writing) specifically excludes the requirement for a second driver or driver accommodation. Our operations team will work with you to produce an agreed itinerary which will mitigate, as far as possible, the need for any additional costs.

  1. Special Conditions Associated with Air, Ferry and Train Connections

16.1    Departures & Collections

The Company will if asked give an estimated journey time to your departure Air/Ferry port etc. Clients should always build in a provision for unforeseen circumstances and in particular always allow extra time when travelling to the major UK Airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Manchester Etc. Most of Britons Ferry & Airports are accessed via some of the countries busiest Motorway networks and we are finding that delays are becoming much more frequent. Particular attention should also be paid to check-in time given by airlines. Especially those airline companies that operate a shorter check-in time such as 1-2 hours. Our drivers are legally required to take a rest period of at least 45 Minutes after completing 4 ½  hours driving. We do however recommend this be reduced to no more than 3 hours driving. These break period should be added to your proposed departure times.

16.2    Breakdowns and delays

The Company gives its advice on journey times in good faith but does not guarantee the completion of any journey within a specific time period and will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by breakdown or other delays. The Company will not be held responsible for late arrivals or missed flights due to circumstances beyond its control.

16.3    Return Collections

The Company has access to most UK airports flight arrivals information and relies heavily on the live updates being provided by the major Airline Companies. It is therefore imperative that we are given your return flight details in full on final confirmation of your booking. Depending on which UK airport you are using you will be given a set of instructions to follow on what to do upon your return flight arrival.

16.4    Delayed Return Flights

The Company will give allowance for return flight delays of up to 2 hours. Any additional delays in return flight collections are subject to an hourly charge of £100 per hour. These charges are in addition to the stated hire fees.

16.5    Airport Parking Charges

All airport parking fees paid by the Hirer in addition to the vehicle hire costs stated unless confirmed in writing to be inclusive.

  1. Facilities for the driver by hirer for touring exceeding one day

17.1    If the itinerary involves touring for more than one day, the hirer needs to make below arrangements for the driver.

17.2    Single room private accommodation in a hotel, either at the same location as yourselves or within a 10 mile radius of your location.

17.3    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Need to be provided for the driver throughout the duration of your hire, this can be arranged by yourselves or through Coach Hire 365 at a charge per day.

17.4    Parking charges for the coach. If the available parking is beyond one mile radius from the hotel, the hirer needs to pay for driver’s transportation between hotel and coach.

17.5    Any tolls or additional hire charges for excess mileage, additional hours etc, will be charged at the end of each day and will need to be paid for prior to the following days commence of hire.

  1. Booking Confirmations

It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that all trip details are complete and correct and at no time should verbal amendments be considered as confirmation of a change to an existing booking.  The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays in arrival at a destination caused by traffic problems and/or adverse weather conditions and these factors should be taken into account by Customer when requesting a collection time when making a booking.  The Company shall have no liability to the Customer for failing to arrive at a destination on time and shall bear no liability for late arrival at performances or events and the Customer shall have no claim against the Company for any reimbursement to the cost of any tickets for any such performance or event.

  1. Cancellation by the Hirer

All cancellations must be made in writing. Should the hirer wish to cancel a booking where the hirer has paid in either full or part for the booking the following refund terms shall apply:

Notice Period                                                               Terms

10 Days or more               50% of the total booking hire is refunded (excluding credit and debit card processing fees).

6 – 8 Days or more           25% of the total booking hire is refunded (excluding credit and debit card processing fees).

5 Days and less  100% of the total booking hire will be forfeited to the company and the full value of the trip will be due. The Company reserves the right to review on an case by case basis.

Where the hirer has paid for additional costs such ferry crossings etc, refunds will only be made in line with the cancellation policy of the service provider.  For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of cancellation by the hirer, all deposits are non-refundable.  Cancellation of an event or holiday or “reason for travel” does not affect the hirer’s liability for the above cancellation fees and the monies will be due as if the vehicle was travelling.  Should the Customer not have paid the amount set out above at the time of cancellation the balance shall become due immediately and shall be a debt owed to the Company.  The Company may, at its sole discretion, engage the services of a debt collection agency to recover any unpaid amount together with interest and any debt collection charges.

  1. Cancellation by the Company

In the event of any emergency, riot, civil commotion, strike lock out, stoppage or on the restraint of labour or on the happening of any event on which the company has no control (Including adverse weather road conditions and breakdowns) Or in the event of the hirer taking any action to vary agreed conditions unilaterally, the company may, by returning all money paid and without any further or other liability, cancel the contract.  the Company shall have no liability for any delayed services or failures of services, caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control. the Company cannot be held responsible for any financial losses occurred in respect of any mechanical defect caused to the vehicle.

The circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as: war or threat of war, accidents causing delays on the service route, unforeseen traffic delays, strike/ industrial action, riot or local disturbance or unrest, problems caused by other customers, exceptional severe weather conditions, compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government, officials and security services, deaths and accidents on the road, vandalism and terrorism, the coach being held or delayed by a police officer, customs official or governmental official, approval of relevant governmental department of the countries concerned being refused on grounds of national security etc, bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of trade of any carrier used by us including cross-channel carrier, and other circumstances affecting passenger safety.

20.1    Please note, in the event of any of above conditions or any other situations beyond the control of the Company, we reserve the right to dissolve the contract and a full refund, not exceeding the amount of the hire; will be issued and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.

20.2    Please note ferry transfers are booked in advance and are non refundable. If Hirer claiming for refund of a tour which involved ferry transfer, the cost for ferry transfer cannot be refunded for above reason

  1. Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections, strikes, including, without limitation, failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers, bad weather, and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement

  1. Change of Vehicle

The Company reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than the specified but at no additional charge unless any extra seats are used. The Company reserves the right to substitute other vehicles of similar quality including those of other operators, for all or part of the hiring, or finds a alternative arrangements for the Journey. Cliff’s Coaches will do its best to find alternative Transport method but if its beyond the companies control then only the part of the refund will be given. The Company Reserve the right to decide on the refund policy. Although the Company not take any responsibility for any other loss incurred.

  1. Breakdown or Delay

The Company gives its advice on journey time in good faith. However, as a result of breakdown or traffic congestion, or other events beyond the reasonable control of the Company, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances the Company will not be liable for any loses or inconveniences suffered by the hirer as a result.

  1. Passenger Conduct

It is incumbent upon the hirer and the hirer’s party to behave in a proper manner for the duration of their journey. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and as such may refuse to allow a passenger or passengers to board the Vehicle or eject them from the Vehicle if, in his sole discretion, he considers them unfit to travel for whatever reason (for example, being intoxicated, aggressive or abusive). The Driver may refuse to continue a journey if in his sole discretion he considers any passenger to be behaving in such a way as may compromise the safety of other persons, the contents of the Vehicle or the Vehicle itself.

In such event, at the driver’s sole discretion, the journey may continue once the passenger or passengers have been removed from the vehicle, but should passenger conduct result in summary termination of the journey, the company reserves the right to cancel any other parts of a booking, and in such circumstances the forfeiture of any monies paid, and no claims for compensation or refund in either whole or part shall be entertained

Any damage caused to the vehicle by the hirer or any of the passengers shall be the responsibility of the hirer and the hirer shall be liable for all costs related thereto.

  1. Alcohol, Tobacco or Drug Consumption

Drinking of alcohol on the coach is always at the driver’s discretion and for certain sporting events is legally prohibited.  The hirer should not assume that permission will be granted. Smoking is not allowed. Non-compliance with a driver’s request for passengers to refrain from drinking alcohol, and the smoking of tobacco or consumption of illegal narcotics, may result in summary termination of the journey, cancellation of any other parts of a booking, and in such circumstances the Customer shall remain liable for any sums due under this Agreement and the Company shall have no liability to Customer and no refunds shall be provided.

  1. Complaints

In the event if the hirer having any complaint in respect of the operator’s services the hirer should endeavour to seek a solution by seeking assistance from the driver or from the operator, as soon as practically possible. Complaints should then be made in writing to the operator within 14 days, and address to: Cliff’s Coaches, 145-147 St. John Street, London EC1V 4PW.

  1. Limitation of liability

Subject to the remaining provisions of this clause, the Company’s liability to the hirer under or in connection with this Agreement for all and any direct loss or damage arising from any one incident or series of connected incidents is limited to Booking (excluding any Additional Charges arising by way of clause 15).

Neither the Company nor the hirer excludes or restricts in any way its liability under or in connection with this Agreement for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or to any extent not permitted by law.

The Company shall not be liable to the hirer (whether in contract, tort, under statute, for misrepresentation or otherwise (including in each case negligence) and whether or not the hirer was advised in advance of the possibility of such loss or damage, for:

28.1    any of the following types of loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential howsoever arising under or in connection with this Agreement or any part of it: loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of anticipated savings, loss of opportunity, loss of business, wasted expenditure, loss from business interruption, loss or destruction of data, loss of contracts, loss from expenditure of time by  managers and employees, liability to third parties, pecuniary losses arising from goodwill, or loss of or damage to goodwill; or

28.2    Any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever.

We recommend adequate insurances are in place for events and special occasions booked by you. Therefore we recommend you speak to Your Insurance Advisor to ensure adequate cover is arranged for your event / occasion. We, our Agents and Staff are not authorised to discuss relevant insurance does not option with you, nor do we offer this type of insurance, and are unable to offer guidance on obtaining cover.

  1. Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections, strikes, including, without limitation, failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers, bad weather, and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement

  1. Changes to Term and Conditions

We reserve the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time. Should We decide to do so, we will e-mail these Changes to you on your e-mail address no less than 10 days prior to your event day, you have 7 Days in which to raise an objection to the amendments. Should we not receive a reply from you then we will assume you have accepted our new Terms and Conditions, and no correspondence will be entered in to.

  1. Governing law and jurisdiction

Orders are only accepted in that the law of England shall apply to the contract arising from such an order and in that no action or other proceedings shall be brought by either party in relation to such contract except in a Court of competent jurisdiction in England.

No part of these Terms and Conditions affects your rights as a consumer. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to your rights as a consumer.

By agree to pay or request for quote you will be bided by this agreement. It is your Responsibility to read and understand all term and condition before making any booking or enquiry.